Growth and Goodness: Key Takeaways from ANA Masters of Marketing 2019

With over 3,000 people in attendance at this year’s ANA: Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando this week, there was no shortage of provocative, meaningful discussion. Attendees and presenters represent marketing leadership from the biggest global brands agencies and technology platforms at the annual “Super Bowl of Marketing.” And between the all-star lineup of keynotes, the organic conversations that happen over dinner, as well as the interactions that happen over drinks (and more drinks)… it is clear that our industry is both planning for, and ready to react to, constant change.

And perhaps most reassuring, there is a strong sense of community and unity around creativity, efficiency and effectiveness to help thrive in our massively disrupted marketing landscape. Among some of the recurring topics and themes: growth, purpose, personalization, inclusiveness and diversity, agency-brand relationships, data and (most importantly) our consumers.  Here is what some of the luminaries in our industry had to say on these topics:

On Building Culture:

On Brand Purpose:

On Creativity and Inspiration:

On Putting Consumers First:

On Leadership:

On the Agency-Brand Relationship:

On the State of the Industry:


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