Non-Profits, Big Opportunities: Takeaways from the 2020 ANA Nonprofit Conference in Washington DC

Nonprofit organizations, both large and small, face many of the same marketing and communication challenges as for-profit, consumer-oriented brands.

Sure, some of the language may be different: Instead of consumers, they talk about ‘donors.” Instead of advocates, they talk about “sustainers.” And the ultimate conversion isn’t a sale or purchase, but a donation. But the need to reach the right audience with the right message, acquire and engage them at scale and over time, is a consistent objective.

Nearly 1,000 of the top nonprofit leaders, marketers and fundraising experts came together for the annual Nonprofit Conference hosted by the ANA Federation in Washington DC last week over three days to discuss, share and learn from one other. And in an age where consumers and brands are more socially conscious, nonprofit organizations have seen new opportunities as well as new challenges emerge. Adaptation and evolution in a digital era, where the average donor is aging quickly, is a must. As is an understanding of how to leverage data and platform strategy to develop efficient, compelling content. Here are some of the best quotes and takeaways from the conference:

Learn as much about your target audience as possible:

Monica Muten, Special Olympics

Gerald Johnson, American Heart Association

Kris Wiig, Freewill
Gerald Johnson, American Heart Association

The message, the content and the creative definitely matter:

Gerald Johnson, American Heart Association


Innovation, from operational approach to delivery mechanisms, can drive objectives and growth:

Personalized messaging in social channels enhances the user experience:

Nonprofit, small brand, enterprise corporation, start-up, B2B, B2C… Marketing fundamentals always apply:

“Better data” is more important than “more data”

People matter. Be good to each other, and work towards the greater good:

Take advantage of the fact that it’s an election year and people are more alert, aware and active:

And never, never give up:

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