April Employee Reveal: Marissa Louie, Social Media Manager

Who is Marissa Louie?

Marissa Louie is revelation’s client-based Social Media Manager and one of our newest additions to the team. Originally from Oakland, California, Louie moved to Salem, Oregon, where she studied Film Theory and Studio Art. After she graduated, Louie made a true leap of faith- one that would span from the West to the East Coast, right here in Manhattan. She began her new life in New York by participating in an internship program with The Klog, an online beauty platform that specializes in creating useful and compelling content about all things skin care and Korean beauty. At the conclusion of the internship, she decided to stay in New York and continue to develop her career in content creation within the beauty industry.

Content Creation Expressed Through Creativity

Louie’s personal craft is content creation for a variety of different platforms and mediums. Although the term “content creation” can be opened to many different means of interpretation and presents many different types of opportunities, she narrowed down the types of mediums that she specializes her content for. In doing so, she stated that she loves to create social content because it allows and requires her to be exploratory in nature. It also helps her to receive instant feedback on the performance and effectiveness of the content that she created- whether or not it has “worked.”

Creating great content, especially the type that lives and performs well on social requires creativity. Louie shared with us exactly how she began to exercise and challenge her creative mind while she was a student. In doing so, she told us…

“In school I was very interested in being creative. I founded a zine with a couple of my friends. We would take submissions and produce them monthly. I was doing all of the design and layout, which I had picked up during childhood from my father, who is a graphic designer. I also was studying studio art, so I was doing projects all the time.

In many ways, social feels like an extension of this.”

The Importance of Passion In Content Creation

In addition to letting her creative juices flow, Louie said that the other important ingredient that goes into creating content is passion. Just like how they say you cannot sell something that you do not believe in, a similar principle applies to content creation. You cannot develop impactful and authentic content without a passion for what you are creating. Louie related this principle to her own life when she stated…

“Beauty aligns very closely with a lot of my own personal interests, which makes it so much easier to create content  that you’re actually passionate about! Same with the community management side of social, having conversations with people about hair care and skincare. It comes like a second nature.”

As for what led her here, at revelation, Louie said that the position here presented an opportunity to meld together her past experiences in and passions for working with editorial websites, e-commerce brands and a portfolio of social channels in the beauty industry. For this reason, she said it felt like “a natural fit and next step.” Louie’s work here at revelation seamlessly merges her editorial and e-commerce skills into one specialty for our clients.

Which Platform is Louie’s Favorite?

Creativity and passion are elements that should certainly be exercised when creating content, but what other variables must be considered in content creation? At the core of any content strategy is the channel, the medium, the platform that the content will live on. Each social channel is unique and the strategy for one social channel is often built on a foundation of varying objectives and KPIs, tones of voice, and target-markets. This directly impacts the nature and type of content appropriate for each channel. For this reason, understanding which social channel that a creator, such as Louie, enjoys producing content for the most for can tell you a lot about the mind and skillset of that person. While we already know that she thrives on studio art and design, it is no secret that her favorite platform to create content for is Instagram. According to her…

“I’m very visual so it’s perfect for me. I also think there’s a lot of variety of content possible, not only for static images, but in terms of stories and IGTV. A lot of brands, and individuals, are getting extremely creative on there which is fun.”

When asked about her least favorite social platform, she said it does not exist because each one has its own unique set of uses. So, what inspires Louie to visit one platform over another in her personal life? Her mood. When reflecting on her personal use of social media, she told us, “I definitely have to be in a certain mood to go on TikTok versus Twitter.” And as for her professional use of social media? Louie told us, “It’s similar. The cadence and tone of voice you take on to interact with the community on each is slightly different, so it’s hard to compare (each platform with one another).” 

A Glimpse Into Her Work Week

As the nature of social channels and communities across all platforms are constantly being adapted, especially during these rather unusual times, Louie says that no two days are the same. She does, however, identify some constants in her daily schedule, such as planning the content calendar and the cadence of posts. As for everything else, Louie reacts to and prepares for ongoing tasks for anything that needs to be done at that moment. This may include planning a giveaway, responding to user comments and messages as they roll in, or ideating new posts or a series based on any new inspiration that catches her eye. All of this requires a significant amount of flexibility and a keen eye that is capable of pinpointing which trends presents the greatest and most relevant opportunities for content creation.

Before You Pursue A Career in Social & Community Management, Louie Says…

Louie’s job sounds like a pretty awesome one, right? Luckily, if you interested in beginning or advancing a career in Social & Community Management, but do not know where to begin, she broke down the most important things that you can do to break into the industry and in a special order.

First, I think it’s important to hone your skills. Specifically, graphic design and copywriting will be generally useful to almost all verticals. Then, I would pay attention to what brands are doing right and also what they’re doing wrong.” 

A theme that we touched on before resurfaced when Louie spoke to us about why a career in Social & Community Management is so great. Just like how she loves to create content on social media (because it allows her to receieve instant feedback on how engaging it is through likes, mentions, clicks, etc.), she loves the industry itself because seeing what works and does not work is relatively easy and can be proven when keeping track of certain KPI’s.

But even if you have not broken into the industry just yet and are just becoming fluent in the social lingo, Louie maintained that you can still see what “works and does not work” on social as you scroll through your own feed every day. For example, considering what type of content you would like to see more of or less of on your own personal feed can tell you a lot about how brands think and build their feed according to your preferences and needs, as a loyal follower.

Finally, if you are interesting in pursuing a career in a specific industry or for a certain company, Louie’s asserts…

“Know who the main competitors are, have smart and actionable suggestions for their various platforms, and come prepared with examples of both.” 

Outside of Work, You Can Find Her…

Outside of work, you can find Louie watching tons of movies and going to the movie theater. She even told us, “I keep top lists for every year, so far it’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2020), The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019), and The Favorite (2018).” Time to get watching! In addition to watching movies, Louie enjoys reading fiction (including Sour Heart, The Woman Warrior, Pachinko, and Severance), acrylic painting, and thrifting. 

Follow These Four Rules for Successfully Scaling Your Social Community

Louie also gave us the advice that she would give brands that are in the early stages of using social media to build a community and network of followers and awareness. According to her, these are the five critical rules for successfully achieving this:

  1. Be as creative as possible. Make yourself stick out and differentiate your content from the rest.

  2. Pay special attention to what other brands are doing and do not limit your research to one industry. Instead, pay attention to new, trending and competing forms of content across all industries.

  3. Do not limit yourself to one niche. More often than not, the best inspiration can come from a completely different vertical.

  4. Diversify the content that you create because your audience can and will get fatigued of the standard content that you release. This will help you drive long-term loyalty.

When it comes to diversifying your content, Louie exclaimed, “My favorite example of this are the brands who show a lot of behind-the-scenes and in-office content. This personalizes the brand and we become invested in their employees.” Authentic content that touches your followers certainly builds more meaningful relationships with them. 

According to Louie, This is the Future of Social Media…

And what does the future of social media hold? Louie gave us a unique and insightful glimpse into the future.

“Social is becoming more and more casual, especially because of the influx zoomer influence. 10 years ago, millennial Instagram was saturated with avocado toast and bright pink walls. But when you look at major pages today, like Emma Chamberlain’s, they’re a lot more natural, casual, and even confessional.”

As social becomes more casual, the content that a brand releases has a similar motive. This motive is to use content as a bridge that connects the brand to their audience in a more personable, transparent and authentic way. When discussing this important shift, Louie told us,

“Instagram stories in particular are a great tool to offer inside looks into office culture and inside tips and tricks. This is the kind of unpolished content I’m gravitating too on my own feed too. Brands that feature their own employees often work to tell a much more interesting and dynamic story, a couple of my favorites are Manrepeller and Insert Name Here. They both do a great job featuring content that may not always have to do with the products they’re selling, but ultimately invest me further in the brand.”

Some of Louie’s Favorite Things

  • Television show: Freaks and Geeks, Killing Eve, Twin Peaks
  • Movie: Paris Texas, Metropolitan, Vertigo, Branded to Kill, Une Femme Est Une Femme
  • Area of New York: Upper West Side and Chinatown
  • Type of food: Japanese, Chinese, or Breakfast!
  • Places traveled to: London
  • Animal: Dogs
  • Season: Spring
  • Music artist: Carly Rae Jepsen, Joanna Newsom, Lorde, Mitski
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