Our Commitment and Accountability to Social Justice For All

Black Lives Matter.

It is a commitment to our employees, staff, clients and partners.

It is a commitment to our community.

It is a commitment to changing a world that has been defined by white supremacy and systemic racism.

It is a commitment to which we will hold ourselves accountable, internally, publicly and personally.

It is a commitment that does not end in a few days, weeks, months or years.

It is a commitment, not just a slogan or a social media hashtag.

It is a commitment to acknowledge and act.

It is OUR commitment.

revelation may be a relatively small organization compared to our industry, but we have the power to be more diverse and more inclusive. We have a responsibility to ensure equality in every way. We have an obligation to create lasting change. We have the tools the start immediately.

So we are:

 …Listening to, and learning from, our Black employees in a variety of ways, as well as soliciting and collecting feedback across the organization, hearing their thoughts, understanding their feelings and establishing a baseline against which we can measure our progress and prioritize our efforts.

…Opening our minds, reading books, op-eds, tweets and conferring with experts and leaders in the Black community to ensure that our Black employees are heard, seen, empowered and safe… and that are white employees are prepared to be better allies and advocates.

 …Recruiting and hiring BIPOC candidates across all roles, capabilities and levels of experience.

 …Evaluating all current and future partners and vendors through a lens of diversity (from office services to production) and will make every effort to increase purchase spend with minority-owned businesses. We encourage employees to take similar actions in their own lives and with personal decisions.

 …Evolving and expanding our business development outreach model to include more diverse and minority-led/owned brands.

 …Offering our time, talent, strategic/creative resources and marketing knowledge to organizations and groups with deep subject-matter expertise to more broadly reach and distribute information to other industry organizations, partners and clients.

 …Supporting BIPOC-owned business in need of marketing or creative services, focusing specifically on businesses and organizations that give back to the community or struggle to get the recognition of some of our more well-known clients.

…Pausing our company operations this Juneteenth, and every Juneteenth hereafter, added to the list of company-wide holidays, to commemorate the effective end of slavery in the United States.

 …Encouraging our clients to be more directly involved and action that creates meaningful, lasting change, and will hold them to the same standards and values we maintain for our own company and employees.

 …Donating to social justice organizations and NGOs working to achieve racial equality, selecting and highlighting different organizations each month starting with Black Lives Matter this month. We also have created a Matching Donation model so that employees, clients, friends and strangers can also learn more and contribute, and push us to give more. http://supportful.com/revelation


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