December Employee Reveal: Jessica Amato

Our first Employee Reveal introduced you to the newest member of the revelation, Tatayana Yomary. Now that we had the pleasure of meeting Tatayana, it’s time to work our way around the office and meet someone who belongs to a different set of clients and projects. Today, let’s meet Junior Beauty Editor, Jessica Amato! 

Background: During her time as a journalism student at Montclair State University, Jessica was convinced that she would end up in broadcasting because while she loved (and still loves!) to write, she especially loved to write special news features. Although she always had a passion for beauty, she viewed it as simply an interest she would keep separate from her career. As she began to apply for jobs after college, however, she realized that rather than this being simply a personal interest, she can integrate her interests in beauty and writing into one career, into branded content.

What led her to revelation? 

While the direction of Jessica’s career path presented many twists and turns, so did her job-search. Upon that path, she said that she just happened to stumble upon revelation. Comfortable with its family-like nature and writing-based opportunities, she accepted a job as an editorial assistant for Since then, she has made her way up to Junior Editor for, and credits this to her willingness to be open to different opportunities.

What does a typical day-to-day look like?

Most of Jessica’s day consists of writing as she produces one to two articles a day, which may require conducting phone interviews with esteemed beauty salons and experts. Other tasks that she completes throughout the day include updating an editorial calendar, brainstorming ideas for new content, and attending pitch meetings.

What type of work or writing is she most proud of?

Jessica likes to write about products the most because what’s the best part about writing about products? Getting the chance to actually use them! In addition to writing product-focused content, she enjoys writing articles that will touch her audience with emotions. One piece that came to her mind was the article she wrote for her friend, who lost her hair at a young age to cancer. The article covers how losing her hair changed her and affected herself and her self-esteem.

What is her favorite part of being a Junior Beauty Editor for

Here at revelation, everything that we do is rooted in culture, and the people and passions that make it up. According to Jessica, her favorite part about being a Junior Beauty Editor is the people that she works with. Having been with revelation for over two years, she has witnessed the growth of the company into a “small family,” especially within the past couple of months. She believes that the benefit of working for a small(er) company is the comfortable family-like environment that she gets to work in every day.

The best piece of advice that she has for those interested in pursuing a similar career?

At some point, everyone has been asked what their career (or personal) is within some sort of timeframe. It seems like our lives simply consist of milestones in which we must complete “this” by “that date.” Although Jessica sees value in this, she stresses the importance of being open and unafraid of venturing off to explore beyond your goal. In addition, she says “You don’t know what you really want until it’s right in front of you.” So, what’s the bottom line? Stay open this way you have the ability to experiment with and grow from new opportunities outside of your ideal goal.

Hobbies and interests outside of work?

When she isn’t in the office, Jessica likes to workout, listen to music, go to concerts, try different foods (there is nothing she wouldn’t try!), go out with her friends, explore different museums and pop-up shops, and watch baseball (she is a huge Yankees fan!).

What would surprise us about you?

Although she describes herself as “pale,” Jessica is Italian!

The coolest trend that she sees in the beauty industry today?

Bold and colorful makeup inspired by the HBO television show, Euphoria, is the coolest trend on Jessica’s radar. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, its characters are well-respected for their unique and bold senses of style, including their makeup looks, which feature colorful eyeshadows, tons of glitter and sequins, and dramatic eyeliner. Jessica thinks it’s especially empowering that ordinary people are “owning” such bold makeup and making these statements in everyday life.

Dream job?

Although it’s difficult for her to pin-point exactly what her dream job is, Jessica said she would love to gain more experience in the marketing side of strategy. Measuring and proving the results of what she is creating, and relating it to how it is driving a brand, is a function she wants to experiment with. She does, however, believe that she will always lean towards a job that requires creativity within the beauty industry.

Here are some other of Jessica’s favorite things:

Television shows: Grey’s Anatomy and the Bachelor

Type of food: Italian

Places traveled to: Switzerland (although she went on a European trip that included visits to England, France, the Netherlands, Brussels and Italy!)

Animal: Golden Retriever and elephants

Season: Summer

Part of the city: Greenwich Village

Beauty brands: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Color Pop, Matrix, Redken, and Tart

Music artist: Halsey

Fashion brands: H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Uniqlo, and Express

Guilty pleasure: Extra toasty cheez-its

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