January Employee Reveal: Nicolette Pezza

Recap! In our first two “Employee Reveals,” we introduced you to Tatayana Yomary and Jessica Amato, two of our Junior Beauty Editors. As we work our way around the revelation office, it is now time to get to know Nicolette Pezza, another one of our amazing Junior Beauty Editors.

And if you missed out on the first two spotlights, it’s time to do some catching up!


Nicolette’s experience in and love for writing began back when she was in high school, where she interned for Seventeen Magazine. In addition to this experience inspiring her passion for beauty writing, the internship also inspired her to study Journalism at Monmouth University. It was at Monmouth University that Nicolette earned her degree in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Information Technology. During her time at Monmouth, Nicolette continued to partake in internship programs in the realm of fashion and beauty. After graduation (which she accomplished one semester early!), Nicolette began work as a freelancer for WeddingWire.com, which is now owned by another wedding planning company you may have heard of called The Knot. Although she enjoyed her ability to write for WeddingWire.com, Nicolette always had her heart set on the beauty industry, which is what led her to us, here at revelation.

What attracted her to revelation? 

And with her heart always set on the beauty industry, she jumped at the opportunity to become a writer for one of our clients 1.5 years ago. And this is exactly what attracted her to revelation. With beauty and writing being two of Nicolette’s passions, revelation recognized her talent and gave her the perfect opportunity to fuse both of her interests into one. An offer that she could not refuse! Another thing that attracted Nicolette to revelation was the branded content aspect of the opportunity, which gave her the new ability to switch gears from producing strictly editorial work to focusing on one brand.

What does her typical week look like? 

A week in the life of Nicolette includes a mixture of writing (obviously!), coding, and participating in monthly photoshoots or video shoots. On Monday through Thursday, Nicolette is primarily focused on producing between five to ten articles, leaving Friday for a day dedicated to coding to ensure a seamless transition of content onto the website. Nicolette’s participation in the photo shoots and video shoots vary from modeling, strategically arranging the placement of the featured products, and taking the actual pictures. Content, content, and more content… It’s the magic behind that we do.

What is her favorite category of content to produce?

Nicolette’s favorite category of content to write are trend-based and skincare-based articles. When she was first tasked with writing skincare articles, she was challenged and inspired to step outside of her comfort zone by conducting the thorough amount of research that this type of articles requires. Typical research includes classifying the array of ingredients that go into the products that she is writing about and understanding the science and studies behind exactly what we are putting on our faces. Now, she finds this type of work to be the most interesting and rewarding.

What is her favorite part of being a Junior Beauty Editor? 

Unsure of whether or not she would be able to apply what she learned as an Information Technology student, she was pleased that the Junior Beauty Editor role checked off all boxes: creative writing, technical coding, and beauty. Fusing all of these functions together was ideal for her, so her favorite part about her title is the foundation on which it is built. Nicolette also loves to learn about the latest trends and get exclusives on new launches. Who wouldn’t?

The best piece of advice that she has for those interested in pursuing a similar career?

According to Nicolette, it is critical for an aspiring writer to gain as much experience as he or she can. This is essential for building your portfolio with a strong foundation. Your goal is probably to showcase the clips of writing that you care the most about and are the most proud of anyways, right? Having always dreamed of the beauty industry, she used her time in the wedding industry to blog about beauty on the side. This was essential for maintaining and showcasing her passion for beauty writing with these types of side projects she had done. She even showcased some of her blog pieces to revelation during her interview process, which definitely paid off.

In a nutshell: Don’t have the writing position you’ve always dreamed about? Always make opportunities, such as the ones Nicolette created, to create and showcase content that is relevant to your passion… Even if the timing is off.

Hobbies and interests outside of work? 

Outside of work, Nicolette’s passions are aligned to what her job encompasses- photography, video editing, and music. She also enjoys staying active and practicing yoga.

What would surprise us about her? 

Nicolette initially wanted to pursue a songwriting career in Nashville. Although she ended up in New York (and is originally from New Jersey), she keeps these songwriting interests alive by playing guitar and a little bit of piano!

The coolest trends that she sees in the beauty industry today? 

Listen up! According to Nicolette, the coolest trends that she sees in the beauty industry right now is the “glass skin” trend and the monochromatic makeup trend. She says that the “glass skin” trend is all about luminance and radiance. Glowing from the inside-out. Successfully achieving the monochromatic look requires the same color on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips to attain a natural, but cohesive makeup visage.

Dream job? 

Although she believes that her dream job is well-aligned with what she is doing right now, Nicolette’s dream job would ideally include more strategic thinking that goes beyond creating the content. Also, strategizing and implementing social media practices to promote content would be included in her idea of a dream job. Sounds pretty realistic to me!

Here are some other of Nicolette’s favorite things:

Television shows: Friends and How I Met Your Mother

Type of food: Italian, although sushi is a very close second.

Places traveled to: Nashville. Although she hasn’t been out of the country a lot, Nicolette recently booked a trip to Greece for this summer. Her 2020 goal is to check more places off of her bucket list!

Animal: Monkey

Season: Fall

Part of the city: Brooklyn. She enjoys the hidden hidden gems, especially the coffee shops, that you wouldn’t come across all the time.

Beauty brands: L’Oréal, Benefit, and IT Cosmetics

Music artist: John Mayer

Places to shop: Zara, Forever 21, Marshall’s

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