November Employee Reveal: Tatayana Yomary

At this point, you have probably already picked up on the fact that we are culture-obsessed here at revelation. Now, let’s take a step back. What does culture consist of? It all starts with one word: people. revelation’s team pride themselves in celebrating experiences that excite and unite them, while igniting their passions. What exactly excites, unites and ignites the passion within each of our unique employees? In a series of employee spotlights, we will uncover the answers to these questions as we get up close and personal with the team.

Today, let’s start with our newest member of the revelation team: Tatayana Yomary.

Background:  Tatayana comes from the editorial world. She attended SUNY Oswego for her undergraduate degree, then followed that up by earning a master’s degree in Journalism & Media Studies at Hofstra University.

What led her to revelation?

In the past, Tatayana has worked for Hollywood Life, Us Weekly, and iOne Digital. Although she has seen the editorial industry change, her love for beauty has remained consistent. As a result, she became inspired to experiment with branded content. Her experimentation paid off because she loves it!

What does a typical day-to-day look like? 

A typical day for Tatayana includes writing approximately three to five articles concerning a range of products and beauty trends. She says, however, that many variables play into how much writing she does a day, such as the length of the article she is working on. In addition to writing articles, her typical day includes building content for the Content Management System and brainstorming ideas for upcoming shoots.

What type of work or writing is she most proud of? 

Tatayana’s favorite type of article to write are those concerning natural hair styles and care. She believes that content concerning natural hair presents a great opportunity for her to expand what is currently being covered in the beauty industry. One special style that came to her mind during our interview was bantu knots.

What is her favorite part of being a Junior Beauty Editor for Loreal Beauty Magazine? 

Tatayana’s favorite part of her job includes a mix of her love and passion for beauty, fashion, and writing.

The best piece of advice that she has for those interested in pursuing a similar career?

When it comes to pursuing a career at a new company, Tatayana believes it is most important to not be afraid to make that leap of faith to join a brand new team. Although she understands that this can be intimidating, especially since she just joined revelation’s team about one month ago, she stresses the importance of keeping an open mind, especially when you are the “new kid on the block.”

Favorite quote to live by?

“In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” -Robert Frost

Hobbies and interests outside of work?

The first hobby that came to Tatayana’s mind was boxing. In addition to boxing, she also enjoys attending poetry shows, exploring new museums and, of course, shopping.

What about surprise us?

Nothing shocks people more than Tatayana’s actual age. Revealing that she looks younger than she is, Tatayana admits that she continues to get carded and questioned about her age when out. Not the worst problem in the world, huh?

The coolest trend that she sees in the beauty industry today? 

With her favorite Youtubers in mind, Tatayana loves the halo eyes look by Jackie Aina. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, the halo eyes trend refers to the strategic application of eyeshadow in order to create an illusion of larger eyes.

Dream job? 

Tatayana loves Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line and admits that working for this brand would be a dream of hers.

Here are some other of Tatayana’s favorite things:

  • Television shows: Power, Grownish, and Gossip Girl
  • Restaurants in New York: The Negril Village
  • Places you traveled to: Jamaica
  • Animal: Dolphins
  • Season: Summer
  • Parts of the city: Chelsea or the Lower East Side
  • Beauty brands: Fenty, Mac, Glamzon, Anastasia Bev Hills, NYX, L’Oréal
  • Fashion brands: Zara, Mark Jacobs, Kate Spade, although she also enjoys small boutique shopping
  • Music artists: Beyonce, Rihanna Megan Thee Stallion, SZA
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