February Employee Reveal: Savannah Maroney

Our first few “Employee Reveals” introduced you to the editorial teams for our portfolio of clients in the beauty industry. It was here that we met (and totally bragged about!) our beauty editors Tatayana Yomary, Nicolette Pezza and Jessica Amato. Now, the time has come for us to show some appreciation and love to our design team… Finally! We’ll start by introducing you to our client-based Social Media Manager, Savannah Maroney.


A Boston native, Savannah graduated from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where she majored in English and double minored in Studio Art and Religious Studies. While she was still a college student, Savannah had her first experience outside of the classroom as an intern for Talbot’s creative marketing department. Although she began her career in fashion, her experience transitioned from merchandising into one revolving around social media. Savannah credits her internship at Talbot’s as the turning point that sparked her interest (and future career) in social media management.

After Savannah graduated, she took the interest in social media that she had developed and transferred it into a new experience and opportunity in the food industry. From the fashion industry to the food industry, Savannah began her professional career at the Food Network. Looking back it, Savannah says, “I think what was interesting to see is that the social media realm transferred really easily from industry to industry.” She then continued, “When I came here (to revelation), and got into the beauty world, I was like ‘wow,’ it is really cool to see not only the differences, but also the similarities (among social social media management across the fashion, food and beauty industries).”

What attracted her to revelation?

Starting as a Social Media Coordinator at revelation, Savannah saw the opportunity that we provided her as a natural transition from her social media experiences that she previously had. She always says, “it (coming to revelation) felt like the appropriate next step for me from where I had been.” Savannah also asserts that although she liked working in the food industry, she believed that the beauty industry, which revelation had (and still has!) a great stake in, was more aligned to her own personal interests. After Savannah accepted this opportunity with us, she began to watch her role and skills go through another transition from social media to content production. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, she continues to refine and build upon her skills on a rolling basis to this day.

Although Savannah had a taste for producing and editing videos during her time at the Food Network, her new role at revelation gave her the opportunity to produce short videos and gifs as needed. This sparked her interest in learning more about video production. In efforts of learning more, she began by teaching herself online through basic trail and error until she hit the classrooms at the School of Visual Arts here in New York City to expand upon her video editing and content production skills.

What does her typical week look like? 

Speaking of a dynamic and evolving industry, in her role, Savannah never has two days alike. In fact, she laughed, “It’s always different.” Most of her days, however, mainly consist of video editing for her portfolio of clients. Other parts of her day includes creating shot lists for video shoots, and setting up, organizing and filming for her clients. Speaking of video editing, Savannah said that she was interested in watching the evolution of her career lead up to her expertise in video editing because she was not expecting to heavily use (and enjoy!) such a unique skill over time.

Becoming such an active video editor, however, did not necessarily surprise her, given the nature of the industry she works in. When discussing the nature of the social media industry, Savannah said, “I think what’s interesting is that social media is really gearing towards video now across almost all platforms.” Lucky for her, Savannah has just the right skill to address this trend in a shift towards video, which we definitely do not see going away any time soon.

What is her favorite category of content to produce? 

Although Savannah does enjoy producing all forms of content, even including academic writing, video editing stood out to her the most. Why? It allowed her to turn high-quality content over in a satisfying way. Savannah’s favorite type of videos to produce and edit are series and episodic pieces with the artists because it gives her the opportunity to learn about their craft, especially when it comes to haircare, hair styling and hair color.

What is her favorite part of being a social media manager?

Savannah does, however, have another favorite part of her role. In addition to learning about the skills and techniques of the artists that she is filming, she loves crafting the pieces of film into one cohesive story. She said, “When it (the story) all comes together, it is so satisfying.”

The best piece of advice that she has for those interested in pursuing a similar career? 

If you are just starting out, Savannah first recommends finding and focusing on that one skill (for example, in video editing) that you would like to exercise in your career. Determining this skill is the most important part in kick-starting your skill. Then, she says you can start thinking about which industry you would like to do this in. Why? According to Savannah, many skills, especially those in video editing, tends to be very transferrable from industry to industry. Savannah’s background certainly proves this point as she had tastes (literally!) of the food, fashion and beauty industries by exercising similar skills.

If you are especially interested in joining the beauty industry, Savannah stressed the importance of keeping up with what is trending. In Savannah’s terms, first prioritizing “honing in on your craft” and then determining which industry to exercise your craft in. Although this seems like a simple equation, it is also important to keep those variables in mind. According to Savannah, these variables may be all of the different types of video editors there are, if you are interested in video editing. The bottom line? Be specific in the path that you would like to take because there are many roads that lie ahead.

Hobbies and interests outside of work?

When she isn’t producing or editing content for her clients, Savannah’s two favorite things to do are running and finding new places in New York to hangout with her friends and sister.

What would surprise us about her?

Related to her interest in running, Savannah ran a marathon and is planning on doing so again in the future!

The coolest trends that she sees in the social media world today?

Given the dynamic and developing landscape of the social media world, Savannah says that the most relevant trend is the need for and shift in focus on video content, both short-term and long-term. As attention spans continue to decrease, brands are looking for ways to prolong the amount of attention they can retain from their target markets. Videos are certainly one way of doing this.

In relation to the beauty industry, Savannah loves that we are seeing the faces of brands being those who are very close to and involved in the brand itself. She pointed out the use of real employees that are heavily involved in their brands’ creative process makes all of the difference in promoting authenticity and a “behind-the-scenes” look into the company. Take Rihanna and her Fenty line as an example. Rihanna is involved in every step of Fenty’s creative process and marketing strategies, creating an authentic and close look into what the brand, according to her own vision, truly stands for.

Here are are some other of Savannah’s favorite things:

Television shows: Cheer, the Bachelor, and Game of Thrones

Type of food: Mexican

Places she traveled to: Barcelona and Paris, although she is looking forward to a trip to Positano, Italy this Spring

Animal: Cats

Season: Summer

Part of the city: East Village

Music artist: A band called Arizona (at least for now!)


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