June Awards: Some of Our Favorite Inclusivity & Pride Campaigns

Brands, especially the ones with millions of followers, and a plethora of YouTube subscribers, need to utilize their platform in a way that promotes genuine and positive messaging. And (of course) with the power of content that connects, spreads awareness and sparks inspiration. This month, we encouraged members our of our team here at revelation to start a conversation about which brands and campaigns they want to recognize for responses to recent events. Crafting the right content with genuine messaging can be difficult, especially when it relates to sensitive and emotional subject matter and events, but we think that these brands are some examples of those on the right track.

Mizani’s “LIGHTS ON” Campaign Honors and “Illuminates” Black Creatives

First up, is one of our Senior Content Managers, Jelani Addams Rosa, who wants to recognize Mizani for their “LIGHTS ON” campaign, which was kicked-off in the beginning of June. In the opening post for the campaign, Mizani stated the objective of it: “LIGHTS ON illuminating the work of Black creatives. We are using this platform to share their names, stories and talent.” Mizani also stated that it will be making donations to Color of Change, and listed some of the names of the Black hairstylists that they would use their platform to honor in the coming weeks. Although Mizani’s recent acts are certainly award-worthy ones in our eyes (for this month), Jelani Addams Rosa explained to us that even before this campaign, the brand has always promoted and advocated for diversity:

“I have really loved the way Mizani is using their platform to highlight and support Black hair stylists. While many brands have spent time thinking about how far we have to go (and we have a long way), they’ve always been champions of diversity in the hair world and their LIGHTS ON series celebrated all that the Black community accomplished so far.”

Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Although beauty brands have made progressive steps in highlighting diversity, Addams Rosa sparked a conversation
critical for all beauty brands to have. This conversation must revolve around what they can do to become more inclusive (across all facets of their business) moving forward. How they can hold themselves accountable. One of our Beauty Editors here at revelation, Tatayana Yomary, told us about her special choice in her career path and how it aligns with her passions. Over the course of her first year at revelation, Yomary has made many inspiring strides. We are inspired by her eagerness and desire to be that change that is beginning right here. Yomary told us:

“I have always been passionate about beauty and writing. And as young woman who barely saw diversity within the beauty industry, I wanted to try my best to change that for younger Black women.”

P&G’s “The Choice” Video Campaign Offers Bold & Motivational Messaging

Next is our Managing Director here at revelation, Matt Wurst, who chose to highlight Proctor & Gamble’s “The Choice” video campaign. The campaign includes a portfolio of thought-provoking and inspiring videos that influence viewers to reflect on how they can take action and use their voice to help defeat racial inequality.

By highlighting calls to action, the video (titled “The Choice”) inspires and encourages us, as viewers, to make the right decision. To take action and use our voices. To step outside of our comfort zones. The video is simple, but bold in its messaging, an impactful mix for communicating a critical message.

Inclusive Marketing with Platform Takeovers That Tell Unique Stories

It is critical for brands with a significant amount of reach to leverage their platforms the right way. In a way that promotes genuine and authentic action. Most of us, however, do not have over 5.6 million Facebook followers, 40,000 YouTube subscribers or over 130,000 Instagram followers to help elevate our messages like P&G. Or even some of the most-followed people on Instagram, including Selena Gomez, who has 180 million followers. I’ve been keeping tabs on who I think is using their platform in an admirable way in response to recent events. One takeaway from this month that I have is this:

A lot of times, brand messages are scrutinized as being inauthentic and un-relatable, especially when tied to very sensitive and emotional matters. Those who let other activists take over their account are the ones using their platform in a much more productive and authentic way. They are helping people (other themselves) elevate and have their voices heard by millions of people.”

Selena Gomez, who admitted to struggling with conveying the right message for her base of 180 million followers, decided to pass her Instagram account over to figures, such as co-creator of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, and Jelani Cobb, a journalist for the New Yorker and professor at Columbia University. According to Gomez, the objective of the takeover is to give influential figures “a chance to take over my Instagram so that they can speak directly to all of us.

Lady Gaga, who has another impressive Instagram following of 42.4 million, let each of the organizations that she donated to take over her account as well. According to Gaga, this would be “in an effort to amplify their important voices” and “lift up the voices of the countless inspiring members and groups within the Black community.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Starface’s Rainbow Hydro-Star Campaign Protects Black and LGBTQ Lives Forever 

Although we may not necessarily be throwing the traditional, in-person celebrations on the streets of Manhattan during the NYC Pride Parade this year, we have been keeping tabs on other ways we can support the LGBTQ community during these strange times. One of our Senior Content Managers here at revelation, Margaret Fisher, has recognized skincare company, Starface, for their Rainbow Hydro-Stars campaign.

The campaign includes a product launch of the brand’s new Forever Hydro-Star (that treats spots) where all net proceeds would be donated to the Black Led Movement Fund and the Hetrick-Martin Institute For LGBTQ+ Youth. In addition to honoring Black and LGBTQ-led movements in one special campaign, Fisher recognized it for the permanence of it. Instead of honoring these causes for a certain window of time, like most standard launch campaigns, this one is unique in that it is forever. The brand, which has a very limited portfolio of products to begin with, stated in their product page that:

“Like Big Yellow, Rainbow Hydro-Stars will be a permanent part of the Starface galaxy. Rainbow is a commitment to protecting and uplifting Black lives and the LGBTQ+ lives, now and forever.” 

In addition to this campaign not having an end date, the brand positions its products as eco-friendly, where all of its packaging is recyclable, cruelty free, and vegan. In many capacities, the company has branded itself in a truly transparent and authentic way. It positions Starface as an influential and trust-worthy brand.

A lot of progress in relation to inclusivity needs to be made across all facets of business and industries, however, we believe that these campaigns are a few admirable ones that are promoting change the right way. Using your platform the right way is more important (and sensitive) than ever before. We are looking forward to seeing how brands continue to use their influence to respond to recents events next month as well.


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