June Employee Reveal: Allie Chilicki, Account Manager

Who is Allie Chilicki?

Allie Chilicki, the Account Manager at revelation, is a native New Yorker. Having grown up on Long Island, she went to school in Poughkeepsie, New York, where she attended Marist College. After graduation, Chilicki moved to Manhattan to kick-start her professional career.

While Chilicki was a marketing student at Marist College, she built experience with three distinct internship opportunities. First, she interned in sales and merchandising for a portfolio of luxury handbag companies. Next, she decided to switch gears as a content marketing intern for a wedding blog, where she was tasked with scaling the blog’s reach and audience through all forms content- social media and video, emails, articles, and newsletters. When this experience allowed her to hone in on her writing skills, she decided to strengthen them with one final experience (before joining revelation) as a market research fellow. This opportunity challenged her to conduct travel-related research and write an academic journal on her findings.

How Her Experience in Diverse Lifestyle-Based Roles Led Her to revelation

So, how did Chilicki end up revelation? Although each internship was very distinct, it was her common experiences in niche industries rooted in lifestyle brands (from the fashion to weddings to travel) that led her to revelation. This is what attracted her to the company- being rooted in creating content aligned with niche passions. Also, a great amount of the revelation, and global Webedia, team have a foundation in as publishers. This would give her a great opportunity to exercise the skills she honed in on in her previous experiences.

Interestingly enough, however, the nature of Chilicki’s role has changed quite a bit since joining the team. The flexibility in her role has taught and encouraged her to become data-driven and analytical. Although she came to revelation with the intention on doing more writing and creative work, the versatility in her role taught her how much she enjoys building client reports, tracking goals and pulling data and insights for a team to make decisions off of.

Her Personal Craft

“I would say that I am a very analytical, data-driven problem solver. A year ago, I never would have thought I would be saying that, but my role at revelation, especially within the past few months, has really challenged me to think in terms of numbers, especially when I’m creating monthly reports for the clients. It requires a lot of detail, focus, and time, but I would consider myself a very detail-oriented and focused person in my work, so I think it’s a perfect fit.”

According to Chilicki, she always has to be prepared to switch gears in her role, so no two day are ever alike. At a high level, however, the first few weeks of the month involve building monthly reports for her clients. This requires her to analyze where clients are hitting or progressing towards their goals. Another aspect of this is pulling and presenting this data to help teams refine and inform strategies in relation to how content is performing in the given month

The rest of the month may include organizing client meetings, pulling data and statistics for the internal or external teams, contributing to the revelation blog and social feeds, and doing her own, personal research on any industry trends.

The Power of Social Media

Speaking of becoming the “eyes and ears” of the industry, Chilicki is always taking note of how brands are adapting their social media and marketing efforts. Over the past few months, she noted,

“I think that brands and people who have huge platforms and reach are always challenged to craft the perfect message that positions them in a positive way, but that can be difficult and often inauthentic, especially when it concerns  sensitive and personal matters like the ones we are experiencing now. People with a lot of influence and reach who decided to use their platform by handing it over to those who are eager to spread their messages in heightened way are using their platforms in a much more respectable way.”

In many ways, it is amazing to see how one click of the “post” button can help someone elevate their voice and reach hundreds of millions of people within seconds- and (hopefully) in a positive and productive way.

The Best Part of Chilicki’s Job Is…

Chilicki’s favorite part of being an Account Manager is tracking the progress and growth made within her projects. She said that, especially at the beginning of each month, it is really great to see and celebrate the exciting strides that were made in the previous month. She also continued, “Once you see a certain aspect of the project really gain traction and begin to perform, the fun of it is in pinpointing the opportunities that you can leverage to continue seeing promising results.”

Interested in Pursuing a Marketing Career? Here’s What You Need to Know:

When it comes to pursuing a career in marketing, Chilicki stressed the importance of being open-minded, especially in learning a diverse range of skills that blend left and right side of the brain thinking. According to her, “Being able to brainstorm clever and creative campaign ideas is a great way to market your own skills, but you will really stand out when you can prove that you are also capable of backing up your ideas up with data and reasoning.”

In addition to being flexible in relation to your skillset, she also discussed how important it is to be open-minded in the experiences that you build. While discussing this idea, she stated,

“It is so important to remain open in a job search, or when learning a new skill, and not be so narrow-minded and sure of exactly what side of business you want to hone in, especially in the early or new stages of a career. All of my past experiences are really unique and not alike, but having very different experiences helped me refine what I liked and what I didn’t. For example, I can tell you right now that I would not take a job in fashion sales again, but that’s ok because it led me down a path that was a better fit.”

Her Secret For Creating Valuable Content

Let’s say you need some guidance and direction in creating valuable content that truly engages an audience, whoever your audience may be. If this is the case, here is what Chilicki needs you to hear,

“Before you even think about creating content, you need to understand who you are creating it for. There is so much buzz around data, but it is so valuable in understanding who you are trying to communicate with. In many cases, you may even be surprised to learn that who is consuming or interacting with your content is a different than the ‘standard’ image of that person you had in mind, especially in relation to their geographic location or age.”

The Future of Content Creation & Marketing Is…

Chilicki believes that the future of content marketing is rooted in video and interactive content. According to her, “Video and interactive content that promotes an experience and elicits emotion really engages and connects consumers in a more moving and impactful way.” She believes that, especially while consumers were in quarantine, the shift in consumer interest in interactive and video content was expedited as people “craved human connection and interaction that wasn’t being met in their homes.”

What else does Chilicki foresee in the future of content marketing? She simultaneously sees a shift in more authentic content that does not require huge media budgets, but, instead, a sense of “realness.” In addition to the past few months proving an important shift in experiential content, she believes that the past few months have proven that unfiltered content, which does not require as much investment as higher quality production, actually resonates with an audience in a more authentic, transparent and personable way. According to her,

“It is no secret that media budgets are being cut, even for top-tier brands, but in some cases, I’ve actually seen this result in a positive win for connecting audiences and building brands. It helped brands think outside of the box and create more relatable and authentic content that grows a following in a more organic and qualified way.”

Chilicki’s Life Outside of the Office

Outside of work, you can find Chilicki exploring new restaurants in Manhattan, traveling between Long Island and New Jersey to spend time with family and friends, working out (kick-boxing and cycling), and going to parks or museums with her friends. When she has the time, she also loves to travel. She told us,

“When I was in college, I studied abroad in Florence and I got to visit so many countries in Europe. Although I may not have an experience of extended travel like that again, I always try to do smaller weekend trips to escape the craziness of the city.”

Some other of your favorite things:

  • Television show: The Office and 90 Day Fiancé
  • Area of New York: Seaport District 
  • Type of food: Mexican 
  • Places traveled to: Florence, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Paris, France 
  • Animal: Dogs or Gorillas 
  • Season: Fall 
  • Music artist or genre: Daniel Caesar 
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