March: The Five Greatest Things We Learned To Be Eternally Grateful For

As we conclude the month of March, we become open to new perspectives and a temporary new “normal” developed as a result of Covid-19 and its effects. revelation introduced to you the “Five Greatest Things” series with the intent on giving recognition to the best marketing campaigns and strategic moves made by some of our favorite brands for the given month over the past few months. Given the unusual nature that March resulted in, we want to use this installment not to award simply the funniest or most “awesome” campaigns. Instead, we are taking this time to recognize, reflect on and, most importantly, be thankful for everything that we have learned, and will continue to learn, from these strange times.

By reflecting on exactly what happened in March, we want this installment to help you reflect on exactly how appreciative we are for our health, to have the ability to wake-up in the morning and go to work, and so much more. And for those who have been the most impacted by these unfortunate times, we are using this installment to help award and give you the recognition that you certainly deserve. We will come out of this more appreciative than ever, and we are celebrating and awarding this notion in a new perception of the “Five Greatest Things” series.

1. We Learned How to Prioritize Our Personal Health and Those of Others

As the the number of cases of Covid-19 began to multiply, especially in New York, the normalcy of our daily lives came to a halt. Those who have the luxury of working from home have packed their desks up and relocated to practice social distancing and prioritize the health of themselves and those most susceptible to the virus first. Those who do not have the luxury of working from home, however, felt the impact that social distancing and a slew of announcements that would require restaurants, bars, movies theaters and gyms to close, would have on the stability of their work schedules. Regardless of the type of work or industry that you belong to, we all learned how to prioritize our personal health, and those of others, and adjust our daily schedules in a more selfless and proactive manner.

2. We Learned Not To Take Our Daily Routines For Granted 

As we either transformed our home spaces into office spaces or halted our work schedules altogether, we were given more time and flexibility to think and reflect on all aspects of our daily lives. During the time that we would be commuting, or working that “dreaded” night shift, we learned how to become more appreciative of and thankful for these daily routines that we were molded to before this temporary new normal began. 

We are all guilty of getting “stuck” in a 9-5 routine, where the days meld and our minds seem to never officially exit out of work mode. And just like that, the days turn into weeks, and we are left taking the simplest abilities that we have for granted, such as grabbing a drink with a friend after work, visiting your grandparents for the weekend, going to the gym to exert some of your stress, or simply having a job to wake up to. It is, however, during these strange times that we realize exactly how lucky we are to partake in any of the above. And in many cases, especially as more and more weeks go by, we find ourselves longing to return back to a sense of normalcy. Yes, including that 9-5 schedule that we all need a break from every now and than.

3. We Learned How Our Siblings, Parents, Children and Significant Others Live

In addition to celebrating our appreciation of what we have taken for granted during a normal month, our temporary new daily routines have made it possible to experience and learn about exactly what a sibling, parent, child (or anyone that you live with) does on a daily basis. If you welcomed home a sibling early from college or began to implement online schooling for your child, you were given the unique opportunity to see what their days consist of while they would normally be overwhelmed or pre-occupied by school and their network of friends and teachers. If you are staying with a parent or live with a significant other, you are also getting the opportunity to see what their work days consist of- what their meetings, projects and co-workers are like, how all of these play a role in their lives, and how it compares to your own circle of co-workers and projects. All of this has helped us get involved in and understand the lives of those we live with in a unique, longer-term frame of time. Yes, even if it does mean having that argument with a sibling or your child, something good is actually going to come out of it. Even if you can’t think of anything now.

Many of us here at revelation have temporarily left New York to work from home- yes, “home home” and enjoy a different pace of life, a unique change of scenery. In many of our cases, this has helped us understand and connect with those we are staying with in a new way that goes beyond a quick weekend visit that we may have done in the previous months. All of this considered, productivity levels certainly continue to remain high amongst the team. Perhaps, another achievement to award.

4. We Learned How to Adapt And Humanize Our Creative Marketing Strategies

In light of learning how to adapt and prioritize our personal lives, the need for adaptation has certainly transcended into our lives as strategists, especially in relation to the content strategies that we operate. This month as showed us, more than most, the importance in re-assessing our marketing agenda and content during these times of uncertainty. During times of instability and uncertainty, when emotions are high(er) and at stake, it is critical for brands to re-evaluate the content that they release in relation to its sensitivity, relevance and means of interpretation.

Being mindful and respectful of human emotions and connection during times of fear and panic is essential in telling a story about how your brand treats not only people as consumers, but people who have lives outside of making purchases or contributing to a followers count. Rather, this is the time to assess your content strategy viewing the target-market as a parent, a grandparent, a child, a dear friend- as a human. Some of our favorite brands are re-visiting their strategies in order to take extra precaution in avoiding the release or promotion of content that may be deemed insensitive as priorities and perceptions of the consumer shift due to fear and panic. 

Take Hershey as an example. In the midst of this pandemic, Hershey made the decision to pull its advertisements that show influencer, Diggy Moreland, sharing Hershey’s chocolate bars with strangers and warmly interacting, greeting them with and receiving hugs. During any normal month prior to this time for social distancing, a hug is simply a warm way to greet somebody else. Now, something as simple as a hug has a different meaning. Instead, receiving candy bars and a hug from someone else is viewed as a red flag, a direct form of contact that, in this time of social distancing and staying six feet away from one another, has many side effects on our health. As perceptions and emotions shift due to events, such as the spread of Covid-19, your strategy must be sensitive to them.

Read our post addressing this necessary shift in strategy if you are looking for guidance in doing just this.

5. We Learned Exactly How Thankful We Are For All Types of Workers

During times where the health of the nation is at stake, the jobs of retail, restaurant, and hospitality works are being jeopardized, and all “non-essential” businesses are closed with no re-open date, we realize exactly how lucky we are to have, or have had, these resources. Similar to how we are learning how to become more appreciative of our “normal” daily lives before we had to stay home, this month gave us the opportunity to show appreciation all types of employees.

Times like these make us appreciate the waiters, waitresses and cooks belonging to our favorite restaurants, the cashiers and sales associates at our local retail shops, the employees in the travel industry for their service (and very much needed patience), and so many more. It makes us appreciate the working parents, who now must compromise their work schedule to tend to their children who will not be returning to school anytime soon, and so many more. The award goes to all of you.

Uncertainty and fear has impacted just about every aspect of the travel industry as travel restrictions and panic are put into place. This caused, and continues to cause, the phones of airline companies, cruise lines, and hotels to be congested with
wait times that would leave travelers on the line for hours upon hours, hoping to reach a human voice that would be able to assist in the cancellation process. Thank you to these workers for their patience during these times of stress. This award goes out to you too.

Next, we are showing appreciation for the strength and work of all of those who were, and continue to be, the most susceptible to the virus. We recognize your importance and value in our decisions to stay home. You are teaching us how to act in a smarter and more proactive manner and rightfully so. We are also showing special appreciation for those healthcare workers who are risking their own health, and that of their family that they come home to, to help others. Their selflessness has brought many of us at ease with their comfort, knowledge, and ability to work under stressful conditions that require more resources and time than they need or are used to. We would not be progressing in combatting this virus and saving lives if it were not for you. Thank you.

At revelation, the team is support initiatives, including Feeding People, providing New York City healthcare professionals with healthy meals by mobilizing local New York restaurants and food companies. During these upcoming weeks, revelation is continuing to assess where the team can help make a difference.


Although this month brought us a great amount of obstacles, it has shown us to be thankful for and more sensitive to anything that we were denied of this month. And just like that, another month, and another installment to our “Five Greatest Things” series closes. The optimism and service at revelation, however, will remain open, especially for the next coming months.


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