Thankful For…

The story of Thanksgiving here in the United States is very much a celebration of cultures coming together to create something new. It’s not exactly an unfamiliar theme for us. revelation is rooted in the idea that culture is at the intersection of content and commerce. It builds communities and engenders collaboration.

But, Thanksgiving has also evolved into an opportunity for us to show gratitude in a more overt way. So, as we take a (very brief) breather from work and spend time with our families and loved ones, let’s also spend some time thanking other groups of people that we love. We’re grateful for this opportunity to thank those who make every day at revelation so special.

Our Clients

Very simply, we would not, and could not, exist without you. You challenge us, you trust us, you respect us. We hope you know the feeling is mutual, but we don’t always have the ability to sneak a “thank you” into a quick meeting agenda or recap. revelation added several new partners in 2019 and we’ve been excited to collaborate, ideate and dominate with you, and we look forward to many years together. Thank you.

Our Partners

Sometimes we think we can do just about anything, and we probably can, but that’s because we have an incredible network of partners, vendors and resources. This includes our brilliant, supportive, and life-saving teams… From our accounting and finance ones based in Boston and NYC (who we can always count on to count for us!) to production, media and analytics partners all over the world. Our platform partners at Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest have made us look good, brought us new opportunities and ensured that we always stay ahead of the changes. Thank you.

Those Who Rejected Us

Not everything is a win in this industry. However, to those of you who thought that we were valuable enough to include us in their RFPs, RFIs, unofficial pitches and capabilities presentations, but chose NOT to work with us this year, we thank you for the opportunity to share and learn from you. Simply put, you made us better. You encouraged us to think differently, innovate our offering and find bespoke solutions to your challenges. By the way, we hope we have another chance to show you what we can do in the future. Thank you.

Those Who Left Us

The revelation team enjoying their first family Thanksgiving lunch.

While we are a relatively young company, the impact that many of our former employees have had on our team, both personally and professionally, has left us in a much better place than before you joined. Jackie Burns Brisman and Mathieu Racine were the cornerstones of our team, hired many current members of our team, established relationships with clients and partners, and raised the bar for quality in every way. Thank you

The French

As part of the Webedia Brand Services Network based in Paris, we are still very much connected to our entire team at HQ in France. You give us all of the support we could ever need, connect us to the best of our global team and make us feel like we are a part of the family every day. Hangouts and Facetime are extremely valuable resources for keeping geographically dispersed team members connected. We appreciate the effort you often have to make to stay late for those conversations. The support for our rebrand and new name is greater than we could have ever imagined. Thank you.

New Friends

There was a lot of travel for many of us this year, as getting the word out about who we are and what we do was an important priority. To those we met and hung out with at events – from ANA Summits to Digiday conferences and Brand Innovators, to those who invited us to speak and present, share our vision, tell our stories and highlight client and partner successes, we look forward to more of that. From Cannes to Canada, from Orlando to Orleans, California, Chicago and Brooklyn. Thank you.


Many have said that this was the decade of Amazon. And we are certainly optimizing our clients’ presence on your site, but you’ve also made our move into a new office so much easier. Things we didn’t think of, things we needed, things we ran out of… and things we just wanted. Selection, variety and speedy delivery. Thank you.

The 693 Team

You welcomed us to our new home, and provided us with everything we needed and more. You are patient, helpful, resourceful, responsive and bailed us out (literally!) of a watery mess on day one. We know we’re not always easy tenants, but considering our shared ownership and collaborative partnership, we couldn’t have asked for a better environment to support our creativity and growth. Thank you.

Potential New Clients

Over the past few months, more than a dozen new brands, marketers, clients and partners have reached out to work with us in some capacity or other. As specialists or fully integrated partners, your invitations to pitch,
propose and present have raised our planning, thinking, strategies and processes to even greater new heights. We’ve never been busier, but we’ve never been more excited to work harder, do more and do better for you. Your vision is inspiring, and we certainly look forward to closing these deals and getting up and running. Thank you.

Our Team

The revelation team has evolved and grown in such incredible ways throughout the entire year. You truly exemplify our values in every way, and you are some of the most incredible people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work over my 20 years in this business. More than half of our employees actually started within thepast year, expanding our capabilities and shaping our culture. We’re building this together. And it’s not always easy, but your passion, makes every day so rewarding. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Thank you.

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