Welcome to the revelation

This week we officially unveiled our new name and brand identity, along with a new website (you’ve already found it!) and updated social channels.

Introducing: revelation.

Webedia (our parent company) is and remains a global powerhouse, a network comprised of many companies, capabilities, products and brands all over the world.  revelation is our brand services and partnership group in North America. We bring together the best international and local expertise, talent and capabilities. As culture creators and brand builders, our mission is unchanged: to help brands reclaim ownership of their content, data and relationship with consumers. How? By offering specialized and integrated capabilities, from data and insights analysis, marketing strategy, content creation, measurement and performance optimization.

why revelation?

revelation, by definition, is the signaling of something new, welcome and different, yet rooted in a spirit of togetherness. It is the sharing of an unknown idea, a surprising fact or event that makes you look at things in a new way, often in dramatic fashion.

For us, revelation is about finding a spark, an idea, a new way of thinking about a challenge and taking an innovative approach to solve a business problem. It’s about creativity of intent and delivery, to reveal something unexpected, new or different. It’s about celebrating the experience, the connections between us and a deliberate upheaval of the status quo. And like us, the origin of “revelation” is also French, literally meaning “to rise up in rebellion. Which is why we put the “revel” in bold” because it highlights our lively, joyous, fun and confident culture.

why now?

Digital marketing is hard. Competition for user attention is fierce, and the cost to both create content AND reach consumers is going up. Brand marketers absolutely MUST reframe how we are thinking about this. Publishers and influencers insert brands into THEIR environment, you fit into their tone of voice & priorities.  We believe you should own this & take back some of the control for yourself. BE the content creator, tell your own story, in your own way, to the people who are going to matter to your brand, your business & your bottom line.

Over the past two decades, Webedia has become a leading network of content, technology, media & marketing companies across the globe, engaging audiences across many cultural institutions & platforms. With a rich history in unbranded publishing, ecommerce, experiential marketing and production, Webedia grew on the backs of reach, engagement and acquired technology to better connect with, measure and understand consumer audiences. It was from this where the idea of a brand services and partnership model originated.

why work with us?

revelation works as a partner to brands, offering a wide range of capabilities – both integrating with smaller or emerging brands, or working with large brands in a more specialized capacity.  We neatly complement in-house marketing teams and existing agencies, expanding the potential through data and custom insights, content and technology. We can help optimize everything you are currently doing… and give you opportunities to enter spaces in which you are not currently working.

Our DNA and our core area of expertise is in content marketing, operating at the convergence of data, search, social, engagement, amplification & measurement… ensuring the facility to act & adapt in a truly informed manner. We’ve evolved a more holistic approach to content that ensures brands are culturally relevant & consistently engaging consumers: drawing them in, creating a sense of trust and driving business objectives with content that touches them through every point of their consumer journey.

We bring together lifestyle content (focused on engagement and stickiness) with lifecycle content to create the totality of branded content that YOU own. It needs to be planned, developed & deployed across the consumer experience, and should include the right mix of digital video series’ and mags, branded blogs, podcasts, articles, gifs and galleries, as well as campaigns, fan activations, influencer programs & sponsorships.

why not?

In a constantly-evolving “C2C” world, where culture and content drive conversion and commerce… where consumer affinities – from fashion & beauty, food & gaming to music and film – have brought niche passions into the mainstream, we:

  • We put brand marketers in the driver’s seat of change and navigate where to go next.
  • We help brands to create and tell stories that shape culture AND drive bottom line.
  • We bring together the best of publishing AND marketing expertise with an efficient & proven content creation mode.
  • We use a holistic content approach to keep brands culturally relevant, consistently engaged and optimized for the consumer journey.
  • We have over a decade of experience working with many of the biggest brands in the world.
  • We deliver simplified experiences, specialized expertise and service leadership.
  • We ensure that brands thrive in a culturally-connected world.

So thank you all for your partnership and support. I invite you to peruse the website, watch our updated highlight video on the home page, come visit us in our new office in midtown NYC, and drop us a line… tell us what you think, what you need and come spark a revelation with us!

Cultural Evolution + Brand Elevation + Digital Revolution = revelation


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