we are curious
we are joyous
we are different
we are listening
we are positive
we are innovative
we are flexible
we are efficient
we are new
we are rebellious
we are always-on
we are confident
we are authentic
we are passionate
we are committed
we are cultured
rev·el, verb 1. to get great pleasure from (a situation or experience) see also: enjoy, delight in, love, adore, be entertained by, take pleasure in, savor from the Old French reveler - to rise up in rebellion
At revelation, we celebrate the experiences in life that bring us joy, the things that bring us together, and the things for which we, as a culture, have passion. It’s about finding the spark that leads to the solution: a new way of thinking about an old idea, the convergence of creativity and innovation to deliver something different, while simultaneously solving business challenges and giving the world something in which we can revel.
we are rooted in digital with 15+ years of global experience
publishing & media

Content that drives emotion, engagement, conversion & brings people together


High quality content, events & experiences & digital entertainment that engages consumers


Services, experiences & products built on our owned brands & licenses

brand services

The model that brings it all together, on which revelation is founded & continues to evolve

Jellyfish is your global digital partner

2000+ Digital Experts
47 International Offices
£650m Managed Media
Google’s #1 Global Partner

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about Jellyfish
Jellyfish, part of the Fimalac Group, is a global partner in digital marketing and transformation to some of the world's recognizable brands including Samsung, Uber, Nestle, Orange, Spotify, & eBay.

Jellyfish represents a new kind of digital business, where agency services are combined with consultancy, training, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. Employing 2300 people across 47 offices globally, and with further expansion on the horizon, Jellyfish aims to be the first-choice global partner for any brand’s digital requirements. Launched in 2005, Jellyfish has also grown to become one of a select few globally managed Google Marketing Partners.

Growing at an average of 45% per annum consistently over the last eight years, Jellyfish is proud to be at the forefront of the global digital economy.
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