we are curious
we are joyous
we are different
we are listening
we are positive
we are innovative
we are flexible
we are efficient
we are new
we are rebellious
we are always-on
we are confident
we are authentic
we are passionate
we are committed
we are cultured
rev·el, verb 1. to get great pleasure from (a situation or experience) see also: enjoy, delight in, love, adore, be entertained by, take pleasure in, savor from the Old French reveler - to rise up in rebellion
At revelation, we celebrate the experiences in life that bring us joy, the things that bring us together, and the things for which we, as a culture, have passion. It’s about finding the spark that leads to the solution: a new way of thinking about an old idea, the convergence of creativity and innovation to deliver something different, while simultaneously solving business challenges and giving the world something in which we can revel.
we are rooted in digital with 15+ years of global experience
publishing & media

Content that drives emotion, engagement, conversion & brings people together


High quality content, events & experiences & digital entertainment that engages consumers


Services, experiences & products built on our owned brands & licenses

brand services

The model that brings it all together, on which revelation is founded & continues to evolve

meet the team

Matt Wurst
Managing Director

Natalie Hapgood
Head of Strategy

Noelle Chehab
Head of Production & Social

Lauren McGurn
Account Lead

Pierre-Antoine Dubosc
Head of Insights

Aviva Grinnell
Head of Creative
Matt Wurst
Managing Director
Matt took over the Webedia U.S. team in early 2019 after a decade building and leading one of the most successful digital agencies in the world, 360i. Bringing together both left- and right-brain skills, he is both responsible for the success of all client work, as well as the growth and operational efficiency of our company. This serves as a great distraction for his many years as a suffering New York sports fan.
webedia is one of the largest content networks in the world

60+ sites
12-15+ tech/SAAS solutions
5 Billion Monthly Views
750MM Subscribers
250MM Uniques/month

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about webedia

Webedia is a global media and technology company, specialized in the recreation and entertainment industries.

Since 2007, Webedia has been targeting a passionate audience by building a global network of unique talents, media brands, events and services within the entertainment and recreation industries: movies, gaming and esports, lifestyle, food, travel, media and pop culture…

Based in 15 countries (France, USA, Brazil, Germany, UK, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, Mexico and LATAM), Webedia attracts more that 177 million unique visitors each month on all devices * with more than 50 media brands under their wing (AlloCiné, AdoroCinema, SensaCine, FilmStarts, MoviePilot, JeuxVideo.com, GameStar, 3DJuegos, MinhaVida, Tudo Gostoso, 750g, PurePeople, EasyVoyages…) and some of the most influential trendsetters on social media (Talent Web network including Vanoss, TheSyndicate, Cyprien, Squeezie, Norman, Natoo, Sananas, El Rubius, Kéfera,…)

Webedia guides its clients through the process of defining and achieving their digital marketing strategies, offering solutions to their advertising, content marketing and e-commerce needs. Content production, Social, Influence, Data and Technology are our keys to create emotional experiences and the best value for brands to stand out.

Webedia joined the French investment company Fimalac in May 2013, under the leadership of Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière.

we are proud members of

The Association of National Advertisers  

The 4A's  

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